I’m a 24 year old Blogger, Writer and Junior Marketer from London. I work at Six Dinners Later… as a Community Manager and Marketer. As of yet this is the most enjoyable work I have had allowing me to be in the food and social networking industry, working for a company that really wants to make a difference. My end goal to be a successful Account Manager or Brand Strategist though you never know what new opportunities may arise. 333018_2369665000419_1214306579_2953576_4348689_o

I love food and travel, completely obsessed with eating, or watching and reading about food with my favourite past-time being to check out new trends and hotspots in London.

I also have a travel bug having travelled the world, lived in China, Turkey and England I am always seeking new adventure. My blog seeks to combine my love for food and travel and share it with fellow travel and foodies alike.

For any job or marketing opportunities please contact me at ayse.louise.avci@gmail.com or alternatively contact me in various ways via about.me/ayse.avci


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