Shoreditch: Overrated or a gem?

I have been so out of touch lately its ridiculous. I had always intended to ┬ápost on a weekly basis but like everyone in London, I have a never ending to do list and it doesn’t make much room for blogging. Recently I read ‘The Happiness Project’ and It told me to make time for things I enjoy. So here I am.

I went for a nice day trip on one of the odd sunny days in london to Shoreditch Brick Lane. Whilst a Londoner, I never trek to the East as it’s just a bit of a mission from the western outskirts of Ealing Broadway. Feeling a much needed change of tempo I went to Brick Lane, home of hippies, grungies, trendsetters and cliched it people, the vibe is so different to the west thats populated by families, conservative businessman and greenery.

Walking through Brick Lane I couldn’t help but question whether Shoreditch was just too overrated for its own good. Overpriced nic-nacs, fake vintage (last time I checked M&S was not vintage clothing piece) and crowded walkways… but still it was definitely a pleasant change. I came solely for the food market that nestles within a walkway off the main stretch, The Old Truman Brewery.

IMG_4792 IMG_4803 IMG_4811 IMG_4823 IMG_4840 IMG_4824 IMG_4862 IMG_4863 IMG_4871 IMG_4874 IMG_4877 IMG_4912

Verdict? It has character, but it tries to hard. Just like the people who populate it.