Completely unrelated to food and travel, but I just couldn’t resist! Meet Harley, our 9 week old puggle puppy. That’s a pug x a beagle cross if your asking.

Got her a week ago, shes now the love of our life. She waddles about in our garden, affectionately follows us around and kisses us like no tomorrow. We have warmed to her so quickly and in her presence I love my partner so much more. The tv episode where a man parades a puppy for the women to come flocking, well that has more than an ounce of truth to it. My boyfriend wakes up in the morning to visit Harley in the sitting room saying “Morning gorgeous” and I just melt inside.

For all the friends who say It’s in preparation.. SLOW DOWN! 6 years together and no closer to baby talk. To be honest, there are days with Harley that make me reconsider the idea of a family. I love her to bits, but she can be a pain in my ass. For the people who think a puppy is easy it is like a baby, in fact, babies may be easier! Listen to the adverts that say a pet is not just for christmas, because you probably have not mentally prepared for the first stages of a puppy.

The sleepless nights, the huge amount of doggy poop, the training… It is amazing how quickly they learn and what a joy it is to see her develop. In a period of 1 week she went from only walking one step in fear to running up and down like its nothing, from fear of plastic bottles to playing with them, from not being able to be unattended to us leaving with not a peep of worry. But as confidence and curiousity builds so does naughtiness.. biting, clawing, running away, cheeky resilience to your commands..

This little bundle of joy is the best little nightmare we’ve ever had 🙂



Tenerife, The life of the party.

Tenerife, a haven for the drunk and slutty, the holiday location for the brits who enjoy a foreign destination but with nothing foreign about it but the consistent sunshine, the go to piss up for lads and ladies on tour before they tie the knot. This location is not for people who want culture, tradition, native cuisine but it is good for brits who want a little sunshine and see chinese takeaway and chips as their ultimate daytime fix.

All this negativity aside it is a nice place, the hotels are cheap and the drinks a ridiculously cheap, the bars are just giving it away! If you like a good boozer it is for you. Honestly the foodie in me craved something a little more authentic, and sun a bit stronger but I can’t complain for £350 for a week all-inclusive! One can’t complain about the ongoing deal of 5 Euros for 2 drinks a shot and cava. Just wear blinkers on your eyes to keep yourself unaware of the trashy bar names (TRAMPS) and the pushy bar promo teams that hover on the main Las Americas Bar stretch. We stayed slap bang in the middle of the madness close to the strip so we absorbed ourselves in the culture. We ate and drank galor and I am embarrassed to say I succumed to one dreadfully drunk night on my first night there, no regrets.

We went on a girls on tour kinda holiday, so tenerife seemed appropriate and before arrival I had myself fully prepared on what sort of place tenerife was going to be, however some were not aware so were slightly shocked on arrival. I have to say the innate adventure and culture craving within us led us to try doing some very brit-hol things which we did enjoy. We went to the monkey park, where we petted monkeys, whale-watching which was amazing and on the last night found a lovely tapas on the seafront (after alot of searching!!!) that fulfilled our need for good spaniard food.

Was a lovely trip, but either I wish we had got more on board with the ‘Girls on tour’ spirit or alternatively chosen a location that was hotter and had more to do other than drink n eat. But relaxing holiday it was, and boy I needed it:)

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