Friday at the Borough Market

IMG_4947I have lived in London for 16 years of my 23 year life and yet never bothered to go Borough Market, What sort of foodie am I? I have one paid and unpaid job and a maximum of one day a week free. This one day should be made the most of but I spend so much of it asleep, or lazing about or doing chores that could

IMG_4925have taken an hour for hours as I fly back and forth to the couch to watch another repeat of Friends for the billionth time.

So this friday was different. Bloody cold and miserable for march but I dragged my arse there anyway- no regrets this market it the shizzle. So much good food I was salvating. I tried to make room for as much as possible.

IMG_4923 The baked goods are to die for. Admittedly not so great to buy and eat later, as the breeze and cold air makes it go all dry. I think the smells are more seductive than the actual act of eating as my £2 bread hurt my pocket later. Whilst walking around I found myself so drawn to the scent and the colours and the flavours that I found myself buying things that were ridiculous in price for what they were. Women and spending, you know how it is:))



I love cheese! The french stalls were the best, boasting so many different cheeses. Delicatessen’s are so rare in places like London. In my district of West London there are no local butchers, no fresh local grocery stores and our food is dominated by Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s and Waitrose. It’s not the same, and borough  market just has remember how much I love fresh food.

In my 3 years living in Turkey my mum and me went to the fresh food market every friday to get all vegetables and fruit. Every morning we would go to buy fresh loaf of bread. I miss that so much.

A Meringue Tower



It’s like walking back to a time where a community existed behind our food. Where quality trumped quantity. It’s a shame you have to go to a touristy, small area of London to look for something that everywhere should have. Local markets.IMG_5038

It’s great place to go for a half day as a tourist, as it gives you a great introduction to good english produce as well as an insight to the diversity of cultural foods in London.

Getting to the Market: Borough Market is easily accessed by public transport. We’re seconds walk from a major train station, on countless bus routes and even provide bike racks for keen cyclists. Best day to Go: Fri-Saturday

Travel by train and underground:

The Market is located right next to London Bridge Station which is serviced by the Jubilee and Northern Lines on the Underground and by overground trains from all over London and the south of England.


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