A Michelin Star for top notch service alone – Benares, London


I went here for my birthday. After sampling some of Atul Kotchars cuisine at Taste Of London food festival we were completely won over and didn’t hesitate in giving this restaurant a try.


Nestled on a square in the heart of Mayfair, this restaurant is in luxurious territory and owns this.

On entrance it is large, elegant and modern with perfectly dimmed lighting. The ambience was perfectly romantic and warm though the high air con made this statement far from literal. Girls, bring your shawls to place over your gorgeous dresses “.


We arrived at 6.30pm which was relatively early so the restaurant was not too busy. We were 30 minutes late but were not received with a bad attitude and were kindly seated immediately.

The service was delightful throughout and was by far the best I have ever seen. Quick service, quick food delivery and very friendly attentive staff. When I finished my last sip of water it was no more than 5 seconds before it was recognised and refilled.

The staff were on their toes to ensure it was perfection. Even when needing directions for the toilet I was walked to door in the form of a waiter relay in which one passed me on to the next member of staff until I reached the door to the bathroom successfully.


The Food was just as good as the service- and well exceeded expectation. portions were adequate with a good selection of sides if the meal does not suffice. I ordered the Chicken Tikka Pie with Berry Compote and the Black chicken. The pie was different to what I expected as I had seen this same thing on the taster menu at the festival and was given a tikka pie come shepherds pie mix, whereas this one was more a tart. Nonetheless spectacular flavours.



The main was my favourite as the chicken leg had a great deal of meat, juicy and tender, with aromatic coriander marinade. I was not a fan of the yoghurt pastry given on the side but was happy without.

I also helped myself to my partners lamb which was also lovely. We had a side portion of naan, potatoes and chick pea though I had wished I had ordered less as I was rather bloated by the end!


The food (2 starters, 2 mains, 3 sides & a birthday desert) paired with a crisp bottle of champagne made this meal well worth its bill, which was a hefty £200 pounds. Whilst pricey it was worth the price tag. I was also given a lovely Happy Birthday desert by the chef, an unexpected end to the evening.

A memorable experience- try it you won’t be disappointed.


12a Berkeley Square HouseBerkeley Square, MayfairLondonW1J 6BS

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday and Bank Holidays12.00 to 14.30 and 17.30 to 23.00SundaysClosed

Reservations 020 7629 8886








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