Top 10 Next Travel Destinations

Where are your top 10 next travel destinations? Please share and give feedback!

I was going to number them from the most wanted to the least, but they have equal weight on my list.


I was called a cliche for having a dream to go to South America. It turns out every girl wants to be in the continent of salsa, spicy food, hot latino men and tequilla. I researched into Peru as an option instead of East Asia but backed out because of the price. Turns out its not that cheap to visit Macchu Pichu because of the trek needing a private tour and guide. The country still is contained within the Amazon in the North, with Leticia borderlining peru, Colombia, and Brazil it would be a beautiful place to visit.

I would also love Colombia, what can I say, i really want to learn spanish and dancing!


Finding out that my Grandparents on my fathers side are actually Yugoslavian and lived in Macedonia makes me want to visit where they came from, a perhaps the village they used to come from. They spoke of the village being of poverty but it is attached to my roots.

South Turkey (Adana, Urfa, Gaziantep)

My family have always lived in Ankara on my dads side, with some relatives in Izmir and Istanbul. I have visited the major cities and the coasts of Bodrum, Antalya, Kusadasi but never the rural south. Reading Orhan Pamuk’s ‘Snow’ made me want to visit. It is rich is history, culture and so different to the side of Turkey I have visited before.

Italy (Florence)

Romantic Florence has always drawn my eye. Good food, architecture and italy. Say no more.

U.S.A (New York)

I want to eat as Americans eat, doggy bags, towers of food, bottomless chips, the origin or man versus food. I will go to a man versus food venue! and the land of shopping my long list of must buys are UGG, Apple, Michael Kors, Apple Bottom Jeans…


New addition to my list. The landscape looks lovely, think I might want to visit some time. probably bottom of my list though.


I want to visit Africa, preferably a less known, less touristy destination. The countries are a place of political turmoil and the lives are so rich in culture. I met people from Zimbabwe and Cameroon on my travels, they seemed so fun loving that I would like to go.

India (Goa)

My next beach holiday destination. The boat trips and beaches look amazing, and I love Indian food!


Never been anywhere in U.K but London and it’s surroundings, would love to see more.


My friends I met in China live there, near Aarhus. I want to see them because I miss them, it’s a shame it will take me a while as its so expensive!


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