Koh Phi Phi: A paradise in East Asia

Koh Phi Phi Island Village Resort 


This little Island was the most gorgeous place I have ever been to in my entire life. Thailand has great nightlife, markets and weather but the hustle and bustle of the mainland had me craving a retreat. 2 and a half months of travel, 5 countries later, I was begging for a break. Most backpackers head to the world renowned full moon party in Koh Phanghan, or jet off to Koh Samui for a retreat but we chose this little Island because it was the least popular. Abit more isolated as the journey to Koh Phi Phi begins with a flight or ferry to phuket from the mainland in the South, followed by a ferry to Koh Phi Phi. We went because we found a great resort situated on the Island.

Koh Phi Phi Island Village Resort was £150 per night for two people, for a private bungalow and buffet breakfast. To find paradise so cheap amazed us. I thought I would only dream of going to a place as nice as this but I was so very wrong. I was in heaven. The resort covered a huge private beach and had a pool with a bar situated inside the pool. The most delicious coconut cocktails, lovely food, gorgeous sea view setting in a romantic dinner venue, a massive and delicious buffet breakfast. The waters were a beautiful turquoise and the weather was never beneath 30 degrees. I have never been on a holiday that matched it.



Far from being full of backpackers, on low season it was a peaceful island. We didn’t spend more than one night on Tonsai Bay, which was known to be full of nightlife, but when we were their we found the area quiet there too.

We took a speedboat to the private beachline of our hotel, and were then checked into a really big bungalow. We spent our days lazing by the pool, or on our balcony with room service, it was divine.


Other than spending time at the resort, we went out for a day trip to the other islands in the area. One was famous for the setting of ‘TheBeach’ but had been so overly bombarded with tourism that the water was murky with dirt. The other areas were far more beautiful as the sharp peaks and caves were amazing and the water was very clear in some of the bays amongst the small islands. One on of them we did some snorkelling, and saw hundreds of colourful fish as well as a black reef shark! There were many jellyfish so we had to beware and make sure we swam away from them. For most of the trip we went in the pool instead of the sea as the amount of jellyfish made it abit scary to swim in.




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