Laos Tubing in Vang Vieng

Warning! Tubing is Dangerous for your mental and physical health …

But it is so much fun!


Everything that’s scary about tubing:

  • Mekong River is one of the dirtiest in the world. You will get pink eye from the river, or get infected by a fellow sufferer in your hostel. It is brown, you have no idea what’s floating in there.
  • Don’t watch a documentary on the Documentary Travel about a giant Sting Ray that lives in the waters of the Mekong.
  • You may drown. At least one person per day nearly drowned. Maybe because they were off their tits, so maybe they deserved it the fools… but the other reason is high season includes rapids. Rapids+ Drunk people+ Ziplines and Trapezes off heights without any guards to help if it goes wrong= Drowning
  • Trapeze, Ziplines, Slides all made by laos villages, no safety, no stability. One slide was called the slide of death because it had a steep edge that went upwards.. you better make sure you slide quick enough to fly up and over and not up and then down straight onto the sharp edge.
  • Tripping on Mushroom shakes and joints (it is the land of no police).
  • If your floating in the dark down the river, which is highly likely, there are no signs, or people to reel you in out of the drift of the water, and it is pitch black. You may just keep going and end up like a friend of ours who ended floating km’s away from the village, hitch-hiking down a dark village road in the dark in search of someone to take him home.

Ok, I might be scaring the crap out of you, and rightly so you need it! You’ve probably got to this blog because your going tubing. You need to know what to be careful with before you go. I’m not a party pooper, I did get completely trashed on buckets of pre mix whisky and coke and float in the dark, but I chose wisely. I steered clear of dodgy slides and ziplines, and I was freaked out of what lurked in the water, so I made sure I had my bottom in the tubing ring with my legs above water (I may have panicked, popped my boyfriends tube by accident so he had no choice to float down attached to mine. Horrible for him, but it meant i didn’t need to stick my feet at the bottom and swim it down the river, he did that for me:)

All fears aside, we managed to dodge pink eye, and the ones who got it didn’t care too much because everyone had it. The hostels were amazing, as were the bars. We went to Laos Vang Vieng by a small mini bus… it was a pretty crazy journey. We got in the cramped little thing and were told it was a long few hours through the high hills of Laos to get to the tubing village. We got in the van and looked around rather confused. It seemed the ceiling of the vehicle was padded, and yet underneath our arses.. rockhard. Now we are thinking you silly nilly’s you’ve done it upside down. But 1 hour into the journey it all made sense as our bodies flew into the air due to the bumpy roads, and our heads hit the ceiling of the car. I suffered from terrible dodgy stomach from the journey.

When we got there we found a random hotel. Private room with aircon was dirt cheap, and everything was walking differences. bars all nestled on the banks of the river, with a gorgeous view of the mekong and the greenery. The sunset was beautiful. When drunk, there were the most amazing sandwiches. I have no idea what was in them, but it was the best sandwich I ever had. We went tubing once but many went every day.


We bought a tube, which you gave a deposit for that is never returned because u never make it on time, and then set asail down the river. Bars were dotted all the way down the water, with men ready with their bottles attached to string to reel you into the bar. Hold on tight or you float down the river and have to wait for the next bar.107

From 10 am the bars were rammed with young crazy backpackers, shots, mud wrestling, volleyball, dancing and slides. It was the perfect summer moment and I wished I could have spent more time their to enjoy it. many fell so in love with it that they joined promo jobs where they have to sell bar crawls down the river and in exchange get free accommodation and food, great deal!



2 thoughts on “Laos Tubing in Vang Vieng

  1. Pink eye is sometimes very annoying. When i got pink eye, what i did was just take so much Vitamin-C to hasten the healing process. ,;,.,

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