I find living in one place gives me a restlessness, and I am constantly yearning travel. For those of you who travel alot, you may also find it has an addictive quality. I find myself leaving one trip to start dreaming about another. Now I have decidedly ‘settled’ in London and I am struggling with the prospect that it will be the only place I live in. It makes me feel monotonous and dissatisfied even with how lucky I am. The escapism of thinking of touched places, unlearnt languages,keeps me going. I walk into my job of 6 months, doing the same chores, not learning anything, or being refreshed by the energy.. feeling dampened by the routine of it all. So I start planning.. my journeys for winter, for next year. I know I should be planning my mortgage, saving for my life and future, but you only live once. The truth is, I like to think will never be like that because I can’t stand still.

Is it wrong to wish for a life that gives me stability of lifestyle and relationships with all the perks of travel, escapism and exploration? .. I hope such a life exists.

In any case, if this does not pass, I will have to have a haven where I can imagine my travels, even when undergoing the monotonous office tasks of stable life. This office design is what I would wish this haven to be.


5 thoughts on “Escapism

    • (standing ovation) Oh kindred spirit…lol!
      Also, Ajay may be right. What I hope will allow me to cultivate this lifestyle is to have friends in many places, volunteer around the world and a career in journalism and museum education. What do you do?

    • I have to say, it has occurred to me to do that. Especially since not everyone is that flexible, so I believe your also paid more for such positions! But, Alas, I have a partner at home that may not be so keen on the idea:( Nonetheless, definitely something to think about

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    • I must say, I am also yet to have a monotonous job .. we have that in common, but I am going to be seeking the whole career path very soon, and I do find myself fearing that i won’t be able to the little gypsy my heart desires when all of that starts. Then there is the feeling that once you open that door you cant just quit and run away. i guess my post is more about what I am fearing for the future, but I am starting to fear it now. I hate it that I dream about South America and Italy whilst folding in the stockroom. I am glad you found a connection with my post.

      On another note, I know you are coming to London soon. If you need any assistance or help with the city, let me know. More than happy to give advice:)

      Thanks for following,

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