War, Love & Legend

The city of Nuremberg is a quaint town nestled in the countryside of Bavaria, a short drive from Munich. Magically Medieval, its pinnacle is the old city with its cathedrals, fort and fountains and it boosts a variety of historical tales. The fort is representative of the Dark Ages of Nuremberg, a time where plague took over the city and yet the locals still made sure that at a time where many succumbed to death, they still drank in merriment ensuring deliveries of beer and drinking could happen in the midst of sadness.

The franconian city is also the hub of renaissance enlightenment, with rich artistry and protestant reformation. Many wars have passed in the city, french wars and Nazi History. The most famous and interesting is it’s connection to Nazism and Hitler.

Due to the city’s connection to the Roman Empire and it’s position in the centre of Germany the Nazi Party chose the city for it’s rallies and Nazi Propaganda events. Nuremberg still has the Nazi Grounds as well as a replica Theatre of the Colosseum as created by Hitler, the structure is unfinished but can still be viewed from the Dokumentationszentrum Reichsparteitagsgelaende , A museum that displays Nazi History as well as the real video of the Nuremberg Trials where many of the Warlords who killed the jews in the Holocaust were questioned upon their crimes and condemned to imprisonment or death.

 ‘Dokumentationszentrum Reichsparteitagsgelaende Museum’

 ‘Hitler Memorabilia’

A Display in respect of the people who were killed in Aushwitz                                                                                                                                   

Hitler’s Colosseum                                                                                                                                

We took a walk in the city centre where Chris showed me the fountain and the famous cathedral. It was raining outside so we didn’t spend long before we went in search of good German food for lunch.

Bratwursthausle, Nuremberg City Center

The prices are a little steeper than usual, granted that its in a very touristy centre of the city and attracts a high number of tourists. s The silver traditional dining plates and the warm cabin-like feel made this a lovely escape from the rainy outside. Many of the customers were locals instead of tourists, and is very popular even for the people living there. I was taken here by a friend who is a local of nuremberg, and his family visit there for good sausages. It is one of the only places in nuremberg to cook and serve real nuremberg sausages. These are a tradition in the area as in many places the sausages are untraditionally boiled, fried or grilled on incorrect wood. This place is known for using the traditional technique of being grilled over beech wood, giving it a unique taste. I had mine with a traditional german beer and a side of sauerkraut and pretzels, it was heaven.

After we finished our food, I was taken to the hold city centre, that is perched on the hilltop of Nuremberg. The area is renovated mainly due to many bombings that took place on the castle, but it still has a charm and the view of the city was beautiful.

We also went through the new streets of Nuremberg, where the main shopping district is and where we laughed at the statues that represent the ‘Stages of Married Life’

Which stage of Marriage do you think these are?


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