The Little Venice of Bavaria, Bamberg

Things I recommend you to do in the Town of Bamberg:

  • Walk down the river and look at the houses nestled on the edge.
  • Have a walk through the old town and eat in a local bakery
  • Try a German Schnitzel (the one with mushroom sauce was lovely!)
  • Drink in the local breweries. The German Beer culture is amazing. Unlike U.K that hosts export lagers Germans like to know where there beer is made, and drink it at the place of production. Many of the places you buy the beer is where it is made, and it cannot be found anywhere else in the world but where it is consumed.
  • Have a Smoke Beer at Schlenkerla Brewery.  Bamberg is known for its ‘smoke beer’ , Drying malt over an open flame may impart a smoky character to the malt and very few beers like this remain in the world as the technique is old and now uncommonly used. This brewery dries their malt over fires made from beechwood logs, and produce several varieties of Rauchbier (Smoke beer)It has a very distinct flavour and has the colour of stout (slightly lighter than Guiness) it is not as heavy as a stout (I am a lager drinker and I liked it).
  • Visit the Bamberg Cathedral. It has beautiful artistry, medieval design and an amazing large entrance hall. Worth a visit.

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