The Land of Beer and Sausages, Munchen

~A 3-Day trip eating my way through Bavaria~

Munich, Nuremberg & Bamberg

During my trip in China I made a good friend with Chris, a Bavarian guy who was also living in China temporarily. Once he left I said I would visit Germany, and with an excuse to do even more travelling booked off for a trip to Bavaria. I never had an interest in the country before and found my lack of expectation meant that I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived. The rather harsh German language aside, the area I visited was rich with fine cuisine, beautiful architecture and an interesting culture. Even with my judgements on the language, I found myself surprised by how soft the Bavarian German accent was making the language almost romantic. 

I had a massive task to undergo as I had three days to see and eat all, Chris enabled me to fulfill this at the best capacity with his knowledge of good eats, local produce and the help of his lovely home where his mother cooked some lovely homecooked German specialities. The trip was amazing.

So I started in Munich, landing in the morning and taking a walk through Munich main food fair. It was early and the area was quiet and peaceful, mostly locals setting out their food stalls, many holding a litre beer at 9am, eating a pretzel along with it. I was already very much impressed by the beer drinking culture that almost challenged the British early morning start on the booze. We sat with and had a coffee instead (I wasn’t brave enough to drink straight after the flight) then walked through the town for abit before heading for the First Bavarian traditional meal of the day: Munich White Sausage and Pretzel.

This Sausage is a Munich Classic dish with a very distinct flavour. The sausage is boiled and then peeled and eaten with salted pretzel. It has a strange texture so I was only able to eat abit of it but it was tasty. The saltiness of the pretzel is saltier than I used to so it is no surprise that what came next was the need for big glass of beer to wash it down. and where best to have it but at the largest Hoffbrau Beer House in Munich?

The beer and Brewery is a local chain but nonetheless the beer was tasty, and the litre of it in the Sun was amazing. There was a large beer garden, beer hall, with local music and it was 30 degrees outside on the first day of my visit= A perfect day for a beer in the sunshine.

The Beer Garden At Hoffbrau House

I didn’t drink the popular wheat beer because I am not a fan of the flavour of them, but for those who do like it, this part of Germany has very good wheat beer as well as regular lager. The wheat beer is heavier with a darker colour and between a lager and ale-like texture. Beers in the area are premium so not for the light hearted Coors Light and Fosters drinker.

The venue was popular for tourists and locals, accommodating people like myself who want a ‘traditional’ brewery experience and the locals who have drank here for years, some who also have their own mug locked up for every visit. Renting these spaces for their daily beer shows how connected this chain brewery is to its people. It was charming.

Another local speciality for the time of year I visited were the white Asparagus. These were sold in stalls and sold as specialities in restaurants.

Germany is known for its beautiful bakeries and the cakes are wonderful to look at. I have never been a sweet tooth but I still appreciated the beauty of the deserts made. I was taken to a very famous Munich bakery where I looked at the beautiful foods. mmm…

After a look through the bakeries I was shown the ‘English Garden’ which was a large park with a beer garden, great for the weather we sat with more beer, more food (tried a raw pork pate topped bread.) and yet more pretzel. I was told the park contained fake waves for surfers and some proud exhibitionists.

What a beautiful day!


2 thoughts on “The Land of Beer and Sausages, Munchen

  1. Love to see that you got to Dallmayr! Probably the most beautiful grocery store in Munich, and you’re right, the cakes are delightful looking 🙂

    • Yes I was told about it from my German Friend who said it was regarded like a miniature harrods foodcourt in London. It was very nice, I wished I liked sweet foods because the cakes were beautiful. How did you recognise the bakery from the cake picture? you must go there often? 🙂
      Thanks for your comment!

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