Longsheng Village, South China

                             Worth the trip?….Not so sure.

Ping’an’s Longsheng Village was chosen as we found Guilin didn’t have alot to do for the 3 days stay we had booked. We agreed upon a tour to the village in a random place in Guilin and headed there early the next day. When we got there I was not sure whether I loved or hated it. The Rural Village buildings and river were beautiful and the countryside was lovely, after spending so much time in the smoggy cities of China I started to believe ‘Rural’ didn’t exist. But the landscape and architecture was still tainted with tourist trap’s, profit built modern items pretending to be ‘traditional’ and I felt much of what may have been lovely about the village had been destroyed. The performance of the married ladies of the village did not seem traditional, and more forced for money and amongst the gems of buildings, were signs of garbage and ruin.

It didn’t help that we picked a very misty and wet day to see the village and its surrounding rice paddies. This meant that for some hours we couldnt see the paddies at all, and later it cleared so we could just see it through the vapour. This is a journey that should be done in clearer weather, and the wet, cold atmosphere made us retreat to an inner cabin.

The one thing I did appreciate about the weather was the way the ice as we went higher up clustered around the trees, it made a great picture.

Food Speciality in Longsheng

Bamboo Chicken and Sticky Rice

The chicken is cooked within the Bamboo before cracking open and serving. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stomach it. The smell of the chicken was overpowering and not to my taste, and the rurals made sure every part of the chicken was present and chopped before you. Getting to the meat amongst all the other bits was impossible, and so I found myself giving it away and sticking to the rice.


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