Li Jiang River, South China

Inspiration for the 20 Yuan Note, this area of China is regarded as the most beautiful part of China.

I chose this place after speaking to some people in Vietnam who had visited there and loved it. The little town is a haven for backpackers with cheap drinks, good food, sociable and clean hostels and yet a beautiful surrounding area. Escapes to the countryside, hikes and bicycle rides of the area are easy and the villages nearby are lovely.

I got to Yangshuo via Lijiang River. it was a beautiful journey and even the mist and rain couldn’t dampen the beauty of the area. There was indoor seating to enjoy the surroundings without getting wet and we were shown the hilly landscape explaining its importance to Chinese people.


2 thoughts on “Li Jiang River, South China

    • I didn’t get an opportunity to see Halong Bay, but I think the hills are similar. I wouldn’t liken it to Cambodia or Thailand though, the landscape was very different and in winter the mist made the area magical. Halong bay’s hilly similarity I believe is different in that it is jolts of those shapped hills formed and poking out of the ocean whereas these hills are on land and cover the whole area.

      The water is far cleaner than the Mekong River that is known to be one of the dirtiest rivers. It is a gorgeous area and the area of Guilin Lijiang, unlike Halong bay area, remains quite untouched by tourism retaining ita originality even with the growth of tourism:) you should definitely go there.

      Have a good day, and thanks for looking at my blog. I am new to blogging and need all the support I can get!


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