Part 2, Spain: Route Tarifa- Seville- Malaga, Destination 1&2#Tarifa & Malaga

Tarifa, Spain

Tarifa is a small Spanish town located off the southern coast of Spain and also main port access for transport to and from Morocco. Daily tickets can be bought there and boats are generally frequent.

We spent 3 days there before heading to Malaga for the feria. The town was small so I don’t recommend spending so much time there. We spent most of our time eating tapas, drinking sangria and tanning. The winds by the beach were so strong that sunbathing wasn’t possible without a mouthful of sand. It was still a nice place to walk around and the strong breeze from the ocean meant the heat wasn’t oppressive.

These are a few snaps in Tarifa, I did not take many images whilst there-known for its kitesurfing, and many other extreme water sports due to the rough waters, this place may be far more appealing to people with an interest in doing sports like these. For us this was a pitstop whilst waiting for our booking in Malaga.

After Tarifa we went to MALAGA

We got there and then settled into our hotel which was quite some way from the city center. Due to the Malaga de Feria, bookings were limited and hotels were expensive. Nonetheless, I heard the festival to be good so thought it would be worth our while so we booked anyway. I immediately loved Malaga as it catered for everything I could ever want. Hot weather, Beaches, Classy establishments, Good food, outdoor seating everywhere.. what more could you want?


Malaga de Feria was a strange celebration torn between Fair and Festival, mainly catered to locals who took the time to spend time with family, or getting drunk with friends (more the latter). The streets were filled with booze fuelled partying, wine bottles everywhere, and dancing in tents. Evening is when partying continued, or people went to the night funfair.

The beginning of the Feria began on the night before the beginning dates, where all gathered in the beach central Malaga for an opening speech by the mayor, a special guest footballer speech followed by music. I had no idea who the footballer was but he was hella goodlooking. Definately more for the espanol’s, all was spoken spanish so we don’t know what the speech was about, but it sounded sexy.

I felt that the festival catered far more to an adult crowd, and with the live music and flamenco, it was like going to a music festival. The atmosphere felt amazing, just cannot be captured by photo.

Party booze fuelled fun in the city centre was great fun, and when one felt like getting away from the crowd, there was an option to go to the fair early, as many bars played flamenco music and many danced festively. More families gathered in these areas for food and drink.

And later when it just got too hot to bear a fountain was near by..

We ended our day at the funfair, After which we were so tired that we slept at 8pm to catch sleep before our bus to Seville the next day..


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