Part 1, Morocco: Route Marrakesh- Sahara Desert- Marrakesh- Fes, Destination 1#Marrakesh

This trip was one of my favourite backpacking trip’s because I got to experience it with my brother. He was turning 16 and begged my mum to go travelling because he envied my journey through South East Asia. We needed something that was okay on a budget of£600-700 for three weeks that including seeing at least two countries, various cities and did not cost a bomb to fly to (this budget included flight costs). I immediately started my search and came up with A trip that followed the following route:

Marrakesh (Morocco) – Sahara Desert- Marrakesh- Fes- Tangir- Tarifa (Spain)- Seville- Malaga

This satisfied his hunger for backpacking, stayed in and near to europe, included adventure and experience on a budget. It was the perfect plan. I had never envisioned choosing Morocco as travel destination because of my turkish upbringing I had a vision of it being similar in culture and was not in any rush to see it. I made a very incorrect assumption. The atmosphere was different, the landscape unbelievably varied, and the desert sandy environment something so different to any experience I could take from Turkey. I recommend this route as it was easy, affordable and an amazing experience.

Destination 1: Marrakesh

We were in Marrakesh for a duration of 3 days in mid August. We booked into a hostel-like Riad in the Centre of Marrakesh called ‘Riad Massin’. Finding our hotel took at least an hour due to the maze like structure of the Souk’s. Unlike hotels we are used to with large signs and open doors, the hotels in the souks are merely one door with the beauty of your accommodation very much hidden until opened. We knocked, and were greeted by a lovely Moroccan family who greeted us with Mint Tea and then showed us to our room.

Me in Riad Massin, Marrakesh

                          Marrakesh has much to offer for the adventurous child who wishes to get lost in the maze of the city (with the parents watching), the sunseekers, and the backpackers. I found myself enchanted by the city. Architecturally there were some beautiful buildings near the centre and we were lucky to be visiting during Ramadan. This meant that we saw the hundreds of locals gathering at the central Mosque for prayer. So many that many prayed on the street outside the doors in a flood of white.


More Photos of the Attraction we visited:

Marrakesh has so much to offer as you can see the images above are of me visitng the Saadien Tombs and various other attractions in the City. The image on the left is of the ‘La Koutoubia’ Mosque which attracts hundreds of muslims for prayer everyday.

Both of these images do not even do the real thing justice.

I also have many images of the Jemaa Al Fena Center of Marrakesh displayed below:
The City is beautiful and I found 3 days was not enough to take it all in. If I came here again I would not miss the gardens, The Bahia Palace, Spa and Hammam and maybe a nice little resort sunbathing. The weather was gorgeous and tanning is needed!


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