The Map of My Summer Journey

The Map of My Summer Journey

This is the trip I did last summer. If anyone has questions on how to do the trip I did or any advice- let me know, I have a ton of it!


5 thoughts on “The Map of My Summer Journey

  1. This must have been a beautiful trip!!! I’ve been in Thailand in 2004 and I loved the country. Maybe a bit too touristic, so I can imagine that visiting countries as Cambodja and Laos would be just so impressive!! 🙂

    • Cambodia and Laos were definately more rural and less touristy. they had tourists but there were areas that were very much isolated especially since many villages were small poor and could only be accessed by boat in laos. I would recommend visiting both.. I found cambodia burial grounds for the war very haunting..

  2. I would absolutely love to absorb Cambodia. The history, the culture…..One of my favorite professors, Dr. Kheang Un of NIU lived thru Khmer Rouge and told the most fascinating….and haunting stories. What lead you to visit?

    • I actually plan on posting about that when I have time, its on my to do list:) I found the war graves quite haunting as well as the story behind it. I read 2 books about the history of the massacre of the civil war before I entered the country, and I felt that made the journey more meaningful.

      When you see how modern and built up the city is, and how happy the smiles on the older generations faces.. you think how brave they must be as they are of an age where they must have lived through it. and to see how the capital once desolate and destroyed is revived. and to think that every family who has settled there must have only moved back not that long ago, for there was a time when they were removed.

      I didnt have a particular reason, most of my decisions on travels were based on choosing places i had no experience of, or any knowledge of the culture. I did as little research before my flight because it made the journey more exciting. It was the same reason I also lived in china. Many ask why?… the answer is always.. why not?

      With this post in mind, I will be sure to post about cambodia next.


      • Ha, you are so right – why not?! Not knowing is the perfect reason to travel. Looking fwd to your Cambodia post 🙂

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