Cosmopolition Shanghai: The Modern Orient

Whenever I needed a breath of fresh air from the rural life of Changzhou, I would commute 45minutes by train to Shanghai, the land of opportunity, westerners, partying and good food. It was chaotic but unlike Changzhou, you are in the midst of many foreigners in Shanghai and finding your way is not so scary. There are tons of tourist locations to enjoy my top five are:

1. The Bund at Night The best view of the Shanghai Skyline, you can’t go to Shanghai without seeing it.

2. Yuyuan Gardens: Hosts the best dumpling house in Shanghai. Has great shopping.

3. Xintiandi Art and Former French Concession District: The best area for cutesy art galleries and cafe’s. Very close by is Luwan districts French Concession district that hosts the cities best culinary delights.

4. Nanjing Lu Main High Street and People’s Square: The main highstreet and park needs to be seen.

5. Yunnan Lu Food Road: Great street food and restaurants with a variety of Dim Sum, Muslim Restaurants and Chinese Hotpot Joints.


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