Changzhou, China

Partying in ChangzhouOn my last year of University, I decided I didn’t want to dedicate myself to the dull and monotonous life of the Graduate Londoner, who struggles through non-paid internship’s in some western cosmopolitan form of slave labour. With that in mind, I applied online for various job opportunities in East Asia, as it somewhere I had little knowledge and experience of. Many say I am damn crazy for choosing somewhere I have never been, or know nothing of, but that is part of the fun right:-)

So, I closed my eyes and chose out of a random number of destinations in China and found myself in Changzhou, China. So surreal that for once in my life, I felt homesick and when placed in my new home, I cried so hard. The shock of being somewhere new, it took me weeks to find the courage to attempt to shop or eat out. Everything was written in chinese, and I didn’t understand even the most basic ingredients in the stores.


This was the restaurant closest to my home and easiest to eat at. Unlike local chinese restaurants, Ajisen Ramen had an english menu with photos, it was clean, quick– unfortunately Japanese. Nonetheless, I loved it, and where you struggle, you can find one in most chinese cities.

Another favourite for this area of china were the Muslim Noodle Places. One in every corner, filled to the brim with people as it is known for its hand pulled fresh noodles and its spicy and suculent meat and sauces. For those less brave people, A spaghetti Bolognese like dish is available, though most dishes are edible and tasty. Menus are not so easy to read so you just have to point and hope for the best:) thankfully the dishes are so cheap theres nothing to loose.

I loved the authenticity of Changzhou, the little known industrial city filled with factories also had alot of shopping and dining opportunities and if living there, gave you a rural insight into Chinese Culture.

When I think of chinese culture I think:

  • Chaos: Good luck to the British queue system, this place is a survival of the fittest. Push and shove your way through the sea of people in grocery stores and do not await polite neat order. You can let the chaos drive you mad or you can take pleasure in the havoc of it all. Packed buses, floods of people in Tesco’s, and no system to the way you do your banking. Banking will be the beign of your life, try and breath, its just the way the Chinese Roll..
  • Baby Madness: People having babies, Babies being looked after by grandparents, Baby has been born fire crackers every night, traditional and strange customs for babies (ie. the no nappy culture prepare to be shocked, and the open bottom pants), Chinese years dictating the amount of babies born.
  • Food: Food on the streets, Food at home, Sharing food for dinner. Food is such a big part of chinese culture and the sharing of food is such a big part of socialising and family time for people. Time of food is the same for every chinese person with dinner at exactly 6-7pm (you will notice how quickly restaurants empty). And lets not forget the good old food coma nap that occurs for all following their lunch and dinner.
Changzou’s nightlife is very different to anything you would have experienced before. It is by no means 5 star and elegant in the traditional sense, and there are no backpacker cheap drinks, you’ll be paying european prices, but it is well worth it.
There’s only one bar street and it’s hard to miss. you will see the Las Vegas lights as you walk round the corner from Nan Da Jie (Main City Center). And the interior is just as wow, elaborate over sized chandaliers, female dancers on the stages, live acts playing from U.S.A top hits to chinese ballads, Plush velvet seats and 3D Raindrops dropping down the side of the walls. It is just amazing, and the best part is unlike tourist spots of china, foreigners are seen as unusual and are respected and loved by the locals in the bar and the barstaff, boogy on the stage and come down to find free drinks placed for you. Babi Bar was my favourite friday night destination.
I love the people I have met along the way. I miss the clubbing environment and to all those who say Changzhou has no night life= they are so wrong.
You can find H&M, Prada, and then small chinese brands too.
Changzhou has shopping for everyone and the shopping center is very interesting. The architecture of the center is lovely, leaving you with hours of fun.

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